Red Wine Vinegar Condimenti


Beautiful Garnet Red Color with a richer texture than most red wine vinegars.

Fortified with grape must for texture, this condimenti red wine vinegar is delicious with a slightly lower acidity than most red wine vinegars on the market. It's smooth and slightly sweet elevating the traditional red wine vinegar to another level. Excellent all-around accompaniment for classic salads, reductions and perfect complement for grilled chicken or beef.


Black Bean Salad

Acidity: 4.5%

35 Calories / 8g Carb / Potassium 10 mg

Rectified Concentrated Grape Must,  Wine Vinegar, Naturally Occurring Sulfites

No added sulfites - sulfites are naturally occurring in trace amounts. Non GMO. Peanut, tree nut, sesame, other seeds, fish, shellfish, eggs, gluten, dairy, and soy free. (Bottled in a facility that is NOT free of allergens. Some cross contamination, however slight, is possible.)